Kilz Mold Paint

So you have found you have a mold problem somewhere in you home. What to do about it is a major question that everyone finding mold has to deal with. Most of the time you can clean the area infected with mold with a solution of bleach water. Of course you know that you might not have gotten every microscopic bit of mold out, so you need to seal the area with something like Kilz mold paint.

Kilz mold paint can usually be found anywhere that paint is sold. You can go to Lowe's, Sherwin Williams, Walmart or Dutch Boy and just ask the sales person to show you where to find the Kilz.

Most stores that specialize in home improvement products can give you advice on how effective the Kilz mold paint will be depending on the location and surface that it is being used on. If some of the mold was left before you apply the Kilz followed by an oil based enamel paint, it may continue growing and eventually bleed through the painting. If this does happen you may have to remove as much of the paint you previously applied and re-clean with bleach, then flush the surface clean with clear water before reapplying the Kilz mold and enamel paint.

It is never fun to discover a mold infestation. It isn't much fun to try and get it cleaned up either. I always recommend that you get a mold inspection report from a company that specializes in identifying mold types and can give you the very best advice on getting rid of the problem. They will also be able to give you sound advice, based on their experience in the real world, as to whether they feel using Kilz to cover the area after the mold has been removed. I always say when ever there is a doubt, ask an expert. After all they are in the business of discovering and eradicating this kind of problem and they will have first hand knowledge of the best way to treat a surface after the infestation has been removed. I would probably invite the inspector back after I painted, to see if there was any further mold leakage for that same location.

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