Mold In House Symptoms - Black Mold Pictures

Black Mold Pictures Can Motivate You

After seeing black mold pictures on-line, you'll be certain it will be time to check your house out for signs of mold and mildew. In order to get rid of mold in your house, you must follow some procedures.

To eliminate mold, you must eliminate water intrusions. Any place that rain or water can enter your house, whether it be through the windows, the glass window doors, the cracks in your walls, the ceiling, anywhere, mold can grow. So you must repair these areas to keep the mold from coming back through. You also need to clean the mold that has grown.

Homes that have high humidity have a higher chance of mold and mildew. If you have at least 55% or higher humidity in your home, you could have mold. But how do you know what percentage of humidity you have in your home? There is a humidity sensor or a moisture meter that you can use to determine that percentage. Ads
To find out if you have mold, you can use a mold test kit. The quicker you find out about the problem, the less extensive the damage will be.

After seeing these black mold pictures on-line, you'll be quicker to investigate your home. What do you do if you find mold?

First you clean each room separately. You do this because if you try to do the whole house, the spores from the mold will travel from one room to another. You seal off the infected area from the other rooms by using plastic sheeting to cover doorways and vents and other openings. You use duct tape to attach the sheeting to the doorways.

IMPORTANT: Turn off the HVAC system before cleaning toxic black mold.

If the mold is dry, you might want to mist with some water to keep the spores from becoming airborne.

Then apply a disinfectant to kill mold spores. Once molded surfaces are cleaned, the surface should be dried.

If any mold spores are left behind, they could grow again in the future. Don't forget to discard any molded items left in the room. When you discard them, put them in a heavy-duty plastic bag (double bag) and do not transport the bag through the house, because you might introduce the mold spores into other areas of the house.

Dry the surfaces with fans and a dehumidifier once you have cleaned the mold off of the surfaces. Now without the mold, you won't need to look at any black mold pictures again.

Black mold bleach will help your house stay safe for you and your family. Use it extravagantly, on your sinks, bathtubs, the bottoms of sliding door windows, behind your pictures and anywhere moisture can grow mold. It's your family's health that you're protecting.

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