Mold In House Symptoms - Cladosporium Mold

What Do We Know About Cladosporium Mold

It is possible that you have noticed a black pepper kind of substance in your toilet tank. If you have you will probably find out that it is Cladosporium mold. This mold is one of the most common of all molds found in homes. There are over 30 different species and which is which can only be determined by examining it under a microscope.

Mold can live both indoors or outdoors. Cladosporium mold can also send out airborne spores that can be breathed in. This particular mold is generally not considered to be toxic. If you are exposed to it, most likely you will develop reactions similar to allergies.

All molds, including Cladosporium mold, are a kind of fungus growth in the right conditions. The fact that its spores can go airborne make it a challenge to get rid of. You clean the surface where you find it with a cleaner that contains bleach to make the surface unacceptable for re-infestation. After you have cleaned out all you find, you will think you have solved your problem only to see it come back a few days or weeks later. Ads
Cladosporium mold is commonly found, in dying and dead plants, in the soil and on food. It thrives in a damp, dark, nonporous environment such as window frames and the inside of refrigerators. Also when the airborne spores land on porous surfaces like window sills it has a tendency to grow and spread.

Since this particular mold doesn't seem to like cold weather it is often recommended that you commence a very thorough cleaning during the colder months. This way you stand a good chance of getting rid of all the surface mold without having to deal with rapid reinfection. Then you do your best to ventilate the entire house with the cold air in an attempt to kill off the airborne spores before they have a chance to land and quietly start spreading.

While this mold may not be considered dangerous, it is nonetheless very undesirable to have around. Finding it early and doing everything possible to get rid of it early is the best defence.

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