Mold In House Symptoms - Mold Inspection Report

The Value Of A Mold Inspection Report

If people working in your building are starting to get sick and you see some evidence of what you suspect might be mold, you will need to find a dependable company to inspect your building. When they have done the initial inspection, they will need to produce a mold inspection report. The first report will probably be what is called a preliminary report.

Whether it is the preliminary or final report, you will very likely need someone to interpret it for you. Initially it will confirm your suspensions and recommend that samples be sent off for analysis at a lab. Once the lab results are in and confirm, not only that you do in fact have mold but also exactly what kind of mold.

Some mold is cosmetic and can be removed easily. The mold results you worry about getting is that the mold you have is dangerous. If the mold inspection report you receive is a good one, it will come with a list of recommendation on what is necessary for initial clean up of the problem. Beyond that it should also start listing what you can do to prevent the problem from reoccurring. Ads
You not only need to be able to understand the mold inspection report you receive, but you must also be able to estimate the cost of cleaning up the mold. That will be your first challenging assignment. You have to be able to determine if clean up will fall with in a budget. You will have to also try to determine the time necessary for the clean up and try to find out if all work at that location has to be suspended during the clean up.

If it does, will you have to suspend contracts and lay personal off, or can your people continue to work in the building if safety equipment can be used?

Some mold can be very dangerous to work around and some is just ugly to see. You will need a detailed mold inspection report before you can start to make plans for clean up or coming to a decision of having to give up the location and try to find another acceptable place for your people to work.

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