Mold In House Symptoms : Mold Allergy Diet

Take Control Of The Mold

Mold spores are everywhere. Unfortunately, there is no way to get rid of mold in the environment completely. For most people mold does not cause a problem. In fact, you breathe in mold spores on a daily basis without incident. However, for those who are allergic to mold, this can be a daily nightmare. People who suffer from mold allergies may have symptoms, which include runny eyes and nose, trouble breathing and coughing.

The best defense against mold is to avoid it as much as you can. This may take effort but it is possible to do. For example creating a mold allergy diet is one way to avoid mold in your food. Mold is found on food easily because you can see the green fuzzy stuff growing. Nevertheless, what you are not able to see is the mold branches that have traveled within the food. So, if you think that removing the topical mold is enough, think again.

A mold allergy diet need not be complicated. It may take experimentation with recipes to come up with a few that you enjoy that are mold free or you can check out what mold allergy diets are available online. Another benefit to this is natural weight loss because diets that are mold free are healthier for you. Get to know your food. That means learning what foods naturally contain mold such as blue cheese and yeast. You may find that many of your allergy symptoms will disappear when you make these small yet effective food changes. Ads
Cleaning your home thoroughly will also ensure that black mold is not present. It will only take a spray bottle filled with half bleach and half water to get rid of the mold in the bathroom. Spray on the tiles and the tub at least twice a week. Make sure to ventilate the area properly because the smell will be strong. Use the overhead fan while you bath or shower to reduce the moisture build up that mold thrives in.

Getting rid of mold inside your home is much easier than the mold that you face when you go outside. You are in control of the mold buildup inside your home. Make your living quarters as comfortable as possible and reduce the humidity and moisture in the air. The mold waiting for you outside can be controlled many times with over the counter medication.

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